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Your organisation can leverage AEM's specialist services.

With a team experienced in business management and quality software development, AEM strives to help organisations hone their strategies and expand their market reach, including implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

ERP & CRM are game changers across all industries.  – Maximize your potential

Asset Integrity Management

AEM continues to  revolutionise remote exploration and Asset Integrity Management in harsh environments.

Learn how AEM applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to the energy sector.

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ClearVis - Project Management Platform

ClearVis - PMP introduces an advanced approach to project management based on leading industry standards paired with AI. The system is tailored to each industry served, facilitating rapid set-up of projects, allowing deep insight with minimal input.

- Gain control of your projects today

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ClearVis - Asset Integrity Management

ClearVis - AIM provides essential live data on assets throughout their life-cycle, providing operators with the data they need to maintain optimum efficiency and ensure zero down-time

Contact AEM to discover how we reduce costs for annual inspections of subsea assets.

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ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning
BM   | Business Consultation Services

AEM's senior consultants and business advisers are available to address your needs and discuss how your organisation can realise greater potential.

AEM Offers development options for other implementers and providers of Odoo.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns is a cloud accessed network and series of devices that allow for mass data gathering in any environment, from the ocean floor to the top of oil derricks.

Traditional serial connected devices can easily be added to the network, including Gyros and GPS. Data can be instantly accessed or streamed by the API.

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Construction | Logistics | Transportation | Education | Oil & Gas | Service Companies | Product Sales

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